Palestine solidarity action

Komsomol activists have held a picket in the heart of Moscow in support of the struggling people of Palestine. The action of international solidarity took place as a part of the campaign organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).

International imperialism uses every bit of leverage to hold the peoples of developing countries in subjugation. So that the capital of the «developed» world can get the most out of its hegemony, the imperialists and their satellites are making all the efforts not to let the «third world» countries follow the path of free and self-sustaining development. To do so, the seeds of national and religious enmity are sown among the working people of different nations. Imperialists establish state and territorial entities that execute an aggressive policy of suppression of national and cultural identity. As a result, the oppressed nations end up finding themselves deprived of the opportunity to get their sovereignty and capacity for self-determination, particularly rebuilding their life without capitalists and exploiters.

A graphic example of an artificially induced state is Israel, which pursues an ethnically and confessional-oriented policy in multinational Palestine, disregarding the interests of the Arab majority in the region and acts with a commitment to international capital behind the idea of ​​an ethnically pure state.

The RKSM (b), together with the WFDY, expresses solidarity to the people of Palestine, who are struggling for their national independence and their right to determine their own development path. The struggle of the oppressed peoples for independence is one of the common fronts of the struggle against imperialism, the struggle for socialism and communism on a global scale.