The International Youth have been following closely the happening in Burkina Faso.
We wish to congratulate the citizens and people of Burkina Faso for their gallant
and relentless show of patriotism and stand for their legitimate democratic rights,
freedoms, liberties and destiny.
This is an emphatic display of power of the masses and we believe sovereignty and
legitimacy resides with the people. By this protest it represents in unequivocal
terms a vote of no confidence on President Blaise Compaoré, his allies and his
government. The people, freedom, progress are constituent elements of democracy
but if one is emancipated from their relationships with others, thus escaping any
attempt to limit and erecting in-sole and absolute, they become threats.
WFDY joins its voice to the West Africa Youth Organization and we wish to
encourage our comrades in Burkina Faso to remain steadfast and defend the peace,
freedom and liberties guarantee by the constitution and the universal declaration of
human rights. We stand with you side by side as partners and comrades in the
WFDY lift its voice loud and clear against violence, while encouraging all youth
across the world to speak out against this heinous crime of dictatorship. African
leaders must hear their people and stick to the constitution to articulate their
prospects. Our position is not addressing the issue of terms relaxation but
involvement of the people as a whole on the key issues that are against the working
people and students.