Programme declaration of the Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolshevik)

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The Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolshevik) — RKSM(B)

— unites progressive working-class youth and students for the struggle to secure the triumph of communism;
— assists, and prepares cadres for, the Russian Communist Workers’ Party — the Revolutionary Party of Communists;
— bases its ideological activities on scientific and creative application of Marxism, on the experience of previous communist movements and especially on the experience of Bolshevism.

We believe that the victory of communist relations of production is impossible through reforms. The only way for communism to win is the communist revolution, whose initial stage will be the socialist revolution that will establish a working class’ power — the dictatorship of the proletariat —as the ultimate form of the state.

To us, communism is a society based on the relationships which eliminates exploitation of one human being by another, state and commodity-money relations. Communism presupposes:

— freedom and complete provision for man’s needs;
— free and creative work for every member of the society;
— discovery and realization of creative abilities of men in all spheres of their activity.

RKSM(B) involves the youth into practical struggle for a revolutionary defense of working-class interests, of social and political rights of the working-class youth within the bourgeois society. We enable young workers, students and the whole working class to take part in the preparation for the communist revolution and the realization of communism.

The Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolshevik):

— brings up young people in the spirit of humanism and internationalism;
— propagates class consciousness and proletarian internationalism into the youth masses;
— helps to attain dialectical world outlook, the ability to perceive reality objectively and wages the struggle against idealism, religious prejudice and other kinds of obscurantism.

Capital has developed into an internationally united force; thus it is imperative that the proletarians of all countries are united in a single international Army. The world capitalism will be defeated by a world communist revolution. RKSM(B) aspires the youth to take an active part in the forthcoming class battles.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!