Statement of solidarity with the Ukrainian Communists

The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the efforts to criminalize the activity of the communists of Ukraine. In a period where the crisis in Ukraine is intensified, with USA-EU and Russia antagonize over their interests and against the interests of the people of Ukraine, the fascist government of Kiev backed by EU and USA attempts another provocation by dissolving the parliamentary group of the Communist Party of Ukraine. This measure comes as a step of implementation of the decision of the Ukrainian government to criminalize the Communist Party.

This undemocratic measure is put into effect at the same time where the violence in Ukraine is still leading its people to bloodshed. It is a measure that reveals the intentions of the government of Ukraine in which the nationalist and neo-Nazi elements play a decisive role. Even more it shows the democratic limits of EU and NATO that are restricted to the horizon of their interests.

WFDY condemns the undemocratic, fascist methods of the Ukrainian government; condemns their support by the US and EU. The attempt to criminalize the communist and anti-imperialist forces, serves the anti-popular plans and their war-loving policy.

The outrage and the resistance to these kinds of policies is becoming the duty of every progressive and democratic young man and woman around the world. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine whose future seems even harder being in the middle of the imperialist contradictions. Mainly we express our solidarity to the Communist Youth of Ukraine, our member organization that continuous its activity under the rule of terror and persecution.

Budapest 24/7/2014