Акция у посольства США в Москве

Long live Cuba!

On July 26, 2021, activists of the RKSM (b) took part in a picket outside the US Embassy in Moscow. The action was organized by the Russian Committee for the Struggle for the Elimination of the Blockade of Cuba.

July 26 is the day of the storming of the Moncada barracks and the beginning of the Cuban revolution. During this difficult period, we express our support for the working class of Cuba and oppose the economic blockade of the Island of Freedom by the imperialists and their interference in its political life.

The action was not without provocations. Seeing the young people, the inhabitants of the embassy began to fuss. Soon some polished gentleman came out to the Komsomol members and tried to arrange an impromptu debate with our comrades. He said that the Komsomol members allegedly «do not know who they are protecting»; that there is poverty in Cuba and people dream of overthrowing the «dictatorship»; that Cubans are happy to eat leftovers for tourists, and so on. It is possible that an embassy employee was secretly filming at the same time.

Our comrades, together with Elena Lozhkina, the head of the committee for the elimination of the blockade of Cuba, gave a worthy rebuff to the American provocateur.

We know that Cuba is going through difficult times right now. We know that there are unhealthy trends in the development of Cuban society. We know all the ambiguity of the current situation. But whatever choice the Cuban people make, it must be their choice, free from the encroachments of American imperialism, free from the blockade and other instruments of pressure and strangulation. Cuba must remain free! And where the United States operates, instead of freedom, ashes remain…