From Kosovo and Metohija


This article has been sent to us by comrades from SKOJ (Communist Youth Union of Yugoslavia, Serbia).

American officials have formally committed to democracy. What kind of democracy is really the best word we have in his own skin felt 1999th, and the consequences of war «humanism» and still feel. Not to mention the racial segregation in the United States that lasted legally until 60’s of last century, the brutal intervention in Korea 1950-53 until the Iraq and Libya today.

Imperialist circles of the United States and its allies, as always, the most savage stifle any opinion that is not identical with them at every possible turn.

The U.S. imperialists in the occupied part of our country — Kosovo and Metohija arrested, questioned and searched committed young man whose only sin was that he was wearing a shirt with the flag of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

American war dogs have accused the Kosovo youths for terrorism by supporting the communist ideology. During the search of young men they did not find any weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction, but their methods of hoodlums ransack harassment and justify a cynical story that they did it just for the safety of people in the place where he is and where he lives in his infamous attempt to present themselves as heroes who protect the people. You cannot believe only one who knows the brutality of U.S. imperialism at work.

These events are not at all surprise us. The military exercises in South Korea and the United States has demonstrated a very serious military action, and politically motivated provocation, with the firing of bullets and rocket warheads on the flag of a sovereign state of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, without a declaration of war.

At the same time in Kosovo and Metohija, where residents feel every day «democratic paradise» U.S. hides the truth of the charges and UMNIK and EULEKS for fraud investigators in the Kosovo Energy Corporation and the Pristina Airport. It is about three billion fraud aimed at restoration of Kosovo (which was just destroyed by U.S. and NATO), but for four years EULEX investigation, no results of which are silent as the UN and the EU.

Nothing will scare the Communists of Kosovo to stand in the fight to preserve Marxism-Leninism and the ideas of the ultimate victory of communism.

The red flag of communism will always fly the flag of victory be!