«Company-builder — get out of parks!» Activists of the Revolutionary Komsomol took part in the protest against the buildings development on the site of parks and public gardens

On January, 4th the Revolutionary Komsomol — RKSM (b) took part in the city campaign to protect green spaces. Komsomol members put up single pickets on the even side of Nevsky Prospekt in the interval from Anichkov Bridge to Vosstaniya Street, as well as on Vosstania Street itself. In their hands, they held battle posters depicting a tree clutching the Kalashnikov assault rifle in the branches, which had long been a symbol of successful anti-capitalist uprisings. Therefore, the choice of the street of the same name, the street of the Rebellion, which the authorities can not wait to deprive it of its heroic name, is not an accident.

To reconcile a picket is not easy because of counteraction of district administrations, but the law does not require to reconcile single pickets, which are allowed to line up at a distance of more than 50 meters from each other.

The formal status of green common areas is only a small bureaucratic formality on the way of merchants, which is solved by a simple stroke of the pen of an unknown official. The buildings development on the site of parks and public gardens is a direct result of the privatization of land, real estate and communal services, which gave capitalists-developers such a trump card as private ownership of land. The replacement of Soviet names with new ones is only an external reflection of the fundamental changes in the principle of management, which in capitalist society is based on the transformation of the public wealth into a private one, from satisfying the needs of society for the extraction of private profits. So, for example, the building in the Christmas square, i. e. its actual destruction, the authorities propose to crown the renaming of the Soviet streets into Christmas ones. In the past, the building in the square on Povarskiy lane by the bank’s building led to displacement of ground and complete collapse of ane apartment house in the neighborhood, and only by a miracle no one was killed. Now businessmen do not abandon the desire to build up a security zone of the Pulkovo Observatory, which threatens a century of astronomical observations.

«The consolidation of residential areas and the reduction of courtyards, parks and green spaces allow building magnates to save money on creating the necessary infrastructure. So, putting them under the control of «the hands of the market» means sooner or later doom them to destruction, «said Alexei Stubbs, the honorary chairman of the Revolutionary Komsomol. — Few people remember that in words the former governor of the city Valentina Matvienko declared a moratorium on the sealing construction in the city, and when several years later she was succeeded by the current governor Georgy Poltavchenko, he also in words declared a moratorium on the renaming of the streets. Neither one nor the other moratorium was carried out in practice, which makes one suspect that the main criterion for the post of governor is treason.»