Anticommunism is fascism Common statement of youth communist organizations from former socialist countries

The Moldavian authorities decided to ban by law the communist symbols adding one more link in the chain of the anti-communist campaign launched by the European Union for the equation of communism with fascism.

This campaign is linked with the continuous efforts to falsify the history of the Second World War and the socialist construction. For that reason, they ban everything that reminds of the socialist construction targeting mainly on the consciousness of the young people as they seek to trap them into capitalism which is presented as the only alternative.

A tendency to criminalize an activity that refers to communism in European countries, especially in the former socialist countries became state policy. It manifests itself in the legal interdictions which are based on attempts to equate communism with fascism and Nazism. It is in no way related to an objective historical analysis.

The communists were among the first ones to fight actively against Nazism in all its aspects. This happened in Germany and in the Eastern European states. It cost a lot of sacrifices.

It was the Soviet Union that with tremendous human sacrifices was the leading force that together with communist and other resistant movements in all occupied countries and with the allied nations ensured the defeat of Nazis rule in Europe.

To the contrary, it is a manipulation of history to fit the needs of the ruling classes and elites who are afraid of the strengthening of political forces representing an alternative to capitalism. It is not an accident that the current drive to forbid promotion of communism is being carried out in a situation when the capitalist system is in a deep crisis and when continuous attacks on the conditions of life and work of all the workers are being pursuit.

At the same time, these bans as well as other bans reveal the falsehood and the hypocrisy of the bourgeois democracy. The ban of the communist symbols in the EU countries shows that the governments and the mechanisms are afraid of a new counterattack by the workers’ and people’s revolutionary movement because they know how big and irreconcilable the contradictions and the impasses of capitalism are; because they know that the future belongs to a society without exploitation of man by man namely to socialism communism.

The hammer and sickle and the red star represent the struggle for the abolition of the capitalist exploitation. They symbolize the blood and sacrifice of millions of communists who had been at the forefront of the anti-fascist struggle, who played a leading role in the defeat of fascism in the Second World War. They symbolize the struggles for 8 hour working day, for social security, for free education and healthcare as well as other important gains achieved by the working people with the communists playing the leading role, thanks to the influence of the socialist construction in the USSR and in other countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

Today these gains are cut down due to the anti-people’s policy that serves the profits of the business groups and due to the world capitalist crisis that shows the historical limits of capitalism.

Anti-communism goes hand in hand with the attacks against working people who are called to «pay» the consequences of the capitalist crisis, who witness the abolition of their labour and political rights, the increase of unemployment and homeless, the privatization of state owned enterprises, education and healthcare system etc.

Imperialists seek to erase the achievements of socialism from the consciousness of the peoples of Europe in general. For that reason, they persecute the communist ideology in EU countries, especially in the former socialist countries, they ban the communist parties, they shamelessly distort history, and they slander socialism with huge lies and try to impose the equation of communism with fascism.

We express our solidarity with all communist in Europe, especially in the former socialist countries, representatives of a movement which demonstrated its merits when fighting with fascism in this county and now it is pointing towards the only way out of the crisis situation — the solution which ensures dignity and progress to all working people — towards socialism.