Announcement of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)

Athens, 22nd October 2014

The Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) thoroughly condemns the attacks against the members of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and its’ youth, the Communist Youth Union of Yugoslavia (SKOJ) by fascist groups, as well as the provocative position of the Serbian police and authorities that practically tolerate and protect such attacks.

After the attacks against the young communists at the Philosophy Department of Belgrade, Novi Sad and during the solidarity manifestations towards the workers of Bosnia-Herzegovina, after the vandalisms of the headquarters of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia in Belgrade, the fascist gang «Serbian Action» attacked the 1st Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Đenić. The policemen involved to the incident arrested also him, because he resisted the attack. Furthermore, the young communist is on trial for resisting instead of the fascists being accused.

We demand the immediate stop of the prosecution of Aleksandar Đenić, the enactment of measures against the criminal action of neo-fascist groups and the assurance of free political action of the communists.

We express our solidarity to the members of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the Communist Youth Union of Yugoslavia. Communists are not terrorized!Our struggle against fascism and the system that creates it will be reinforced to such extent that the emergence of the fascists and anyone that disseminates anticommunism, racist and nationalist poison on behalf of their bosses and in order to attack the rights of the youth and the workers will be impossible.


International Relations Committee